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Commercials designed to build your brand 為客戶設計專屬的宣傳方案

We believe that your audience wants to connect. All you need to do so is deliver a relevant message in an accessible way. How? The solution is simple but not quick or easy.


To help build your brand we start by understanding your business objectives, your message and who your audience is. From there we design a concept and treatment that will appeal to (and resonate with) your audience. This takes time and effort but the rewards are significant.


JMKTV provides online & mobile platform drive different audiences and target customers online,  we co-operating with other different cross  online media platforms around Asia & Pacific areas.

JMKTV的傳播方式,包括網上社交媒體平台 (Web & Mobile),多媒體影片播放平台, 更與大中華地區、台灣及亞太地區不同網絡平台合作,建構多元溝道,發揮更強大的協同作用。


Creation and story telling is our strategies.





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